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On May 16, 2008 Washington University in St Louis will hold its commencement. Only one woman attending that ceremony should not be receiving a degree. That woman is Phyllis Schlafly.

In response to this announcement, The Coalition for a Responsible Washington University was formed.

While we, a group of students, faculty, and friends of Washington University in St Louis, respect Ms. Schlafly's right to express her views, we believe that her ideology is a contradiction to what our university stands for.

(This site is constantly being updated. If links do not work, they are probably in process. Refresh your browser every few minutes to see if they are working or try again later. Thanks for you patience.)All links open in a new window. Links to important information about this event are listed below:
  1. The University Mission Statement inlcudes a commitment to students that can be found here.
  2. This is a link to the story from the University newsletter The Record announcing the honorary doctorates that will be given. This link does not always work.
  3. Information on Phyllis Schlafly
    1. A list of Schlafly quotes attributed to Phyllis Schlafly
    2. Books by Phyllis Schlafly are listed and information about them are listed here
    3. Informational film clip. Requires QuickTime to view. A link to download quicktime is on the website with the clip.
  4. Media reports on the event and the Coalition's activities:
    1. Higher Ed
    2. World Net Daily
    3. Think Progress
    4. Indy Bay
    5. Daily Kos
    6. Feministing
    7. Feminist Majority Foundation
    8. KMOX interview
    9. Letter to the Editor
    10. St Louis Post Dispatch
    11. Wash U Student Life
    12. A Typical Joe
    13. PFLAG
    14. Women History
  5. Coalition for a Responsible Washington University Plans
    1. Plans for during the ceremony. This is a constantly evolving process.
    2. Letter to Chancellor Wrighton
    3. Petition
    4. To find out how you can help go here.
    5. To view the poster click here.
    6. Board of Trustees and Their Contact Information
  6. Chancellor Wrighton's response to the students and others protesting Phyllis Schlafly receiving the degree
  7. Letters that have been sent to Chancellor Wrighton:
    1. Letter from Law School Professors stating they will not sit on the stage if Phyllis Schlafly is to receive a honorary doctorate.
    2. Letter from Student Trustees rescinding their vote and explaining the process by which Phyllis Schlafly was selected.
  8. Contact:

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