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  • NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP GET SIGNATURES ON THE PETITION----We should get people with petitions to the South 40 and the Village ASAP so we can get signatures of some non-graduating students. We might also ask people to volunteer to stand in Bowles Plaza or in Mallinkrodt with the petition and post to both facebook groups what time the petition will be there so people can come and sign it (flyer could also be handed out during this time). Email
  • Both fliers will be printed by various people in various locations. WE NEED A VOLUNTEER who can collect all the printed material and organize a distribution of it. We should flier the campus as well as prepare to be handing them out at commencement and senior week activities. Also need volunteers to help distribute even if you cannot pick up. Email
  • TALK TO financial supporters of the university that might contact Chancellor Wrighton and express their disagreement.